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Privacy Information & Settings
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Statement on Privacy
This page has been established to detail how Abandoned UE collects and utilizes user information, how it discloses that information to all users, and to allow all visitors to give their consent to the individual aspects of data collection. The information contained within this page applies to all visitors to Abandoned UE, registered or not.

Abandoned UE is committed to respecting the right to privacy of both its registered users and unregistered guests. In addition, Abandoned UE is committed to complying with all laws and regulations applying to user privacy, such as the GDPR.

In the event of an unforeseen circumstance, such as the hostile takeover of the server and/or Abandoned UE by a third party, the commitments made on this page are voided until such time that ownership and control of Abandoned UE is re-established by the administration.
What Is The GDPR?
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation passed by the European Union (EU) that went into enforcement effective May 25, 2018. It was designed to harmonize data privacy regulations across the EU, empower EU citizens with their data privacy, and change how data and privacy is approached by organizations and individuals.

A major change stemming from the GDPR is that consent can no longer be implied by simply visiting a website; consent must be requested in a clear and understandable manner.
How Does This Impact Abandoned UE?
Even though Abandoned UE is not hosted in the EU, it may interact with EU citizens regardless of where they physically are, and as such the provisions of the GDPR apply. As a result, the site has been overhauled to ensure compliance with the GDPR, particularly when it comes to logging of private information such as IP Addresses.

As a result of this overhaul, Abandoned UE has expanded the privacy controls to allow the setting of cookies and usage of private information as defined in the sub-sections to the left. As well, the privacy controls are set up to require re-approval every 12 months for users who are logged in, or once the visitor session expires for non-logged in users.

In any cases where private and uniquely identifiable data was collected under the old implied consent system, that data has been deleted from the server.
Further Questions & Concerns
Any questions or concerns that you may have regarding the GDPR or Abandoned UE's handling of private data should be raised to the site staff using the Contact Form.
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This Website Collects Private Information & Uses Cookies
Your privacy is of utmost respect to us here at Abandoned UE. We only collect personal information and use cookies to personalize content; we do not share it with any other websites or users. These settings can be updated at any time from the Privacy Page, which also contains a full disclosure of what data is collected.
I consent to the following data collection purposes and cookie usage purposes:
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