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Version History
  • Version 1.x
    Locus Incompertus - Version 1.x
    February 2006 to May 2006

    • Original launch of website with black/blue layout
    • Use of Server Side Includes (SSI) for the sidebar and the footer
    • Everything else hardcoded into the individual pages

  • Version 2.x
    Locus Incompertus - Version 2.x
    May 2006 to January 2007

    • Layout kept from version 1 with few minor adjustments
    • Shift from SSI to PHP includes and scripting
    • Information such as location details moved to individual file for easier updating of format
    • Common items between pages (HTML for header, overall layout, etc.) moved into individual files for easier updating of layout (each revision in template brought about a new version number starting at 2.0)
    • Site made HTML 4.01 Transitional compliant on validator, except for homepage (webring causes validation to fail)
    • CSS made compliant to ensure cross-browser compatibility

  • Version 3.x
    Locus Incompertus - Version 3.x
    January 2007 to June 2009

    • Version 3.0 introduced full database compliance for the site, data files removed in favor of it
    • Version 3.1.0 introduced new graphics for header, footer, and sidebar
    • Version 3.2 saw the introduction of the random image bar on the right side of several pages.
    • Versions 3.3 through 3.4 were major overhauls of the site code and graphics. Phasing out of sharp corners on graphics was begun.
    • Version 3.5 saw introduction of gallery comments for users and completion of graphical update, and was the final update for version 3 of the site.

  • Version 4.x
    Locus Incompertus - Version 4.x
    June 2009 to August 2009

    • Complete rewrite of site engine for optimization and speed in original release under version 4

  • Version 1.x
    Abandoned UE - Version 1.x
    August 2009 - April 2011

    • Change of domain name and rebranding of site from Locus Incompertus to Abandoned UE to coincide with the switch of hosting providers
    • Launch of registration system for new users
    • Addition of comment system for registered users on gallery images and news posts
    • Addition of new content protection system to limit access registered users if specified
    • Redesign of site navigation

  • Abandoned UE - Version 2.x
    Abandoned UE - Version 2.x
    April 2011 - October 2013

    • Further updates to site navigation
    • Rewritten core engine for site to help load times
    • Changes to some site graphics

  • Abandoned UE - Version 3.x
    Abandoned UE - Version 3.x
    October 2013 - Present

    • New site layout, with complete overhaul of user interface
    • Complete rewrite of site engine; engine versioning no longer tied to site version except on significant engine changes

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