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Aug 30, 2017
Emerging from the Underground

At this point, I think it's safe to say that I'm horrendous at adding news posts to the site. I'm not sure why... of the things I do it's one of the easiest tasks, and yet it's also the one I'm the laziest about. Heck, it's been a year since I've posted a news post!

In that year, I have hit up some sites which were since added, but for the most part I've just been busy with the non-exploring parts of my life. It doesn't help when your workplace is perpetually short staffed and handing out overtime like candy, either. But, I made sure to make room in the schedule for yet another mine exploration expedition up north this year, with Brind and sloth.

We had some success again, hitting the smaller-than-expected Line Drive Mine, but the majority of the trip was just scouting out mine sites from the map we had to see what could still be accessed... the vast majority could not, unfortunately.

So, with that... I do promise to be better about actually updating the front page to reflect what else is going on!

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