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Mine Trip 2023
Dec 17, 2023
Mine Trip 2023

I've been a little slow on adding this update to the front page... once I got the new locations and galleries updated, I completely forgot that I needed to announce them!

This years trip with Brind proved to be one of the most productive trips we've had, taking two weeks to bounce Ontario and finding numerous opportunities to go underground, as well as find some places on the surface to poke around in. Aside for the mines, we managed to find ourselves at the ghost town of Jackfish, an old fishing village; at the remains of the ore docks at Michipicoten Harbour; and at a small village hospital. But for the most part, the trip was about finding the remains of mining sites, of which we found a ton.

The galleries have been up for a while already; so for the few who hadn't taken a look, go take a look!

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