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Privacy Policy

Abandoned UE is committed to respecting the right to privacy of both its registered users and unregistered guests. As such, this privacy policy has been written to disclose the collection of personal information by Abandoned UE and the manner in which it is utilized.

This collection of information is not optional; if you disagree with the collection of this information then please do not use this website.


1.1. "Website" shall refer to all aspects of Abandoned UE, both the code running it and the content displayed

1.2. "Page" shall refer to a particular document displayed by the website

1.3. "Server" shall refer to the webserver currently hosting this website

1.4. "User" shall refer to both registered members and unregistered visitors utilizing the website

1.5. "Browser" shall refer to the application run on the users computer to connect to the server

1.6. "Administrators" shall refer to the current administrative team, not including site and forum moderators

1.7. "Owners" shall refer to the owners of the website and the only members with access to the webserver backend, including the raw database information


2.1. The following information is collected by the website, from all users upon every page view:

  • 2.1.1. Internet Protocol Address (IP Address)
  • 2.1.2. Browser name and version
  • 2.1.3. Operating system name and version
  • 2.1.4. Screen resolution
  • 2.1.5. The current user agent string the browser is reporting

2.2. No other information is collected, and the only information collected that can be linked directly to a user is the information under 2.1.1. This information is automatically collected by the webserver as part of how the Internet functions.


3.1. The only users able to see any of this information is the administration.

3.2. Browser and operating system information are collected and logged as a means to optimize the site loading and display for the majority of users, while fixing major design bugs inherent in the use of multiple browsers over multiple operating systems.

3.3. Resolution information is collected and logged to optimize the display of the site for the majority of site visitors.

3.4. IP Address information is logged to generate statistics on the total number of page views and unique visitors in the last 24 hours. This information is automatically purged by the server after 24 hours has elapsed.

3.5. IP Address information is also linked to registered user accounts to control access to the site. Any content submitted or modified by a user will have the IP Address that action was initiated from logged. This information is not automatically purged at any time.


4.1. Submitted content is any content inputted into the website by any user via features such as, but not limited to, forums, messages, email messages, and comments.

4.2. Content submitted to any page that is visible when not logged in or unregistered is not considered private and can be viewed by all users and search engines.

4.3. Content submitted to any page that does not fall under 4.2 shall be considered semi-private. This content will only be visible to other users who can also view the particular page, but not to anyone else or search engines. The website does not guarantee that its users will not disclose this information.

4.4. Content submitted via messages is only visible to the user the message was directed to and the user who sent the message. It is also visible to the owners via the raw databases, and not encrypted when stored in the database.

4.5. Content submitted via email through the site (the "email another user" feature) is only visible to the user the message was directed to and the user who sent the message. The message itself is also logged to the database, and thus is also visible to the owners via the raw databases, and not encrypted when stored in the database.


5.1. The administrators will not disclose any collected information linked to any user with any other user, except users who fall under the administrators definition (see Section 1.6), without the consent of the affected users.

5.2. The owners will not disclose any raw information from the databases to any user with any other user, except users who fall under the owner definition (see 1.vii), without the consent of the affected users.

5.3. Sections 4.1 and 4.2 do not apply when persons in position of legal authority request such information from the owners with a legal warrant or subpoena.

5.4. Any requests for user data without legal warrants or subpoenas, as defined in Section 4.3, shall not be honoured and no user data will be released under any circumstance.


6.1. Passwords are stored in the database in an encrypted format. The password used by any user cannot be seen by any other user of the site, including the administrators. The owners are not able to view any stored password in an non-encrypted format, even in the raw database.

6.2. Passwords are transmitted to the website from the browser in plain text, and can be intercepted by any webserver routing the information between the website and the user. These webservers are not under the control of the website and this privacy policy does not apply to them.


7.1. This policy applies to all users of the website.

7.2. In the event of an unforseen circumstance, such as the hostile takeover of the webserver and website by a third party who is unauthorized by the owners for such action, this privacy policy is voided until such time that the owners return to control of this webserver and website.

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