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Mine Trip 2016
Sep 13, 2016
Mine Trip 2016

This year, the annual mine trip took on a different form. Due to scheduling conflicts among the group, it ended up being that only Brind and myself were able to make it for a shortened version of the trip originally planned. With this in mind, we decided we were going to use this trip more for the scouting of locations that we had on record, and the taking of detailed notes for the locations.

For the most part, the sites we checked were busts (either deliberately via seals, or naturally via collapses), but at least we got them off the list and acquired the data we wanted... and a few souvenir hornet stings from the nest we unfortunately disturbed at one site.

Due to proximity, a sidetrip up to CFS Ramore was in order, and it was well worth it. Might have to go and spend more time poking around the ruins of the radar station going forward...

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