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December Meet
Dec 23, 2015
December Meet

So it's been a very, very long time since I attended one of the Toronto UE monthly meets. It's mostly been to unfavourable work scheduling that saw me working shifts on Saturdays. For a change, I had a Saturday off this past month, and as such went to the meet.

Ended up exploring a few ho-hum locations close to the meet locations. Not sure if I'll post them here or not at this time; maybe in the future. They certainly were not high-ticket infiltrations, but they were a nice, laid back explores.

I capped the day off checking out a condo project not far from where I live that I've been watching for a while. Other than the reminder that I need to get back into better shape (seriously, I shouldn't be gasping for air after climbing up 18 floors), it did offer some decent views.

Not a bad day, all in all.

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