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Mine Trip 2015
Jul 16, 2015
Mine Trip 2015

I spent a week up north with a few friends a few weeks ago, once again looking for abandoned mines to explore (we did this the year previous, where we had explored Ranwick and Tribag mines). Unlike the last trip, this one wasn't quite as fruitful, with our only successful entry being at the Tribag stope we had found the year prior.

Luck was on our side this time, as the loose quartz of last year had been washed away, giving us much solider footing to cross by an open pit and get inside. The pictures I took simply can't do justice for it; the stope itself was massive, and held together by an impressive number of rock bolts. The photos are up on the Tribag page.

While that was the only success, we did manage to gather a ton of intel for future years, so the entire week was not a wash.

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